The Stanford Writing Nutrient Class of 2020

The Stanford Writing Nutrient Class of 2020

As you visit the Common Application website to fill out and give your application that will Tufts, you will notice that the application form includes a authoring supplement. The exact Tufts producing supplement is made up of three necessary short reply questions. We’ve created these pages to allow you to read the queries without having to keep this site. Explore the Common Component site for all those actually able to apply on the internet.

Short Tendencies (Required in all Applicants)

Think outside the box as you reply to the following concerns. Take a probability and get somewhere sudden. Be critical if the instant calls for it all but sense safe being lively if you prefer, too.

  1. Which aspects of Tufts’ programs or undergrad experience quick your application? In short: ‘Why Tufts? ‘ (50 100 words)
  2. There is a Quaker saying: ‘Let your life speak out. ‘ Refer to the environment when you were lifted your family, your home, neighborhood, or community the actual it inspired the person you will be today. (200 250 words)
  3. Now we want to know a bit more about one . Please respond to one of the many following half a dozen questions (200-250 words):

    A) Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf— the first decided female brain of talk about in Cameras and success of the right before christmas Nobel Peace Prize— offers lived a life of achievement. ‘If your hopes and dreams do not study you, they may not be big ample, ‘ she once talked about. Continue reading “The Stanford Writing Nutrient Class of 2020”